Glycolic acid peels - Tried & Tested
The benefits of glycolic peels
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The benefits of glycolic peels

The benefits of glycolic  peels

Glycolic acid works to destroy the ‘glue’ which binds dead skin cells to the surface. It’s these dead cells clinging to your face which makes your skin appear dull and lack lustre.

The aim of the peel is to burn away these dead layers exposing the new and brighter skin beneath.

As the tingling on my forehead and around my temples increased, Marie applied a calming balm to soothe followed by a moisturizer.

I had my peel at 6pm so was advised to not wash my face that evening and that it would feel quite tight and dry for up to a couple of days. Peering into the mirror I felt a little bit disappointed.

I expect to see something akin to sunburn but instead I just looked shiny and smooth. The disappointment disappeared as I realized that actually, despite the fact that I’d just been burned with acid, I looked quite good!

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