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My first glycolic acid peel
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My first glycolic acid peel

My first glycolic acid peel

Chemical or acid peels are relatively fast treatments.

You can be in and out well within an hour and technically there’s no recovery-time...
Unless of course you’re red and blotchy and you prefer to stay in confinement until the worst of it has worn off.

But that doesn’t happen with a small concentration. Though glycolic acid peels can be as high as 70% plus, Marie treated my skin with just a 20% concentrate of Neostrata Glycolic peel for 3-4 minutes.

"With any peels especially Glycolic peels the rule is to always start by the lowest concentration (20%) and build it up to 35%, 50%, 70% and subsequently "high potency peel" if needed." Marie informs.

"The 20% Glycolic is used as an introduction of the acid on the skin and therefore the skin can build its tolerance to Glycolic Acid (GA) peel. Ideally I build the time and strength of the peel on every session."

I lay on the dentist chair fully clothed and Marie began by carefully cleansing my face. I starred at the ceiling panicking.

Though glycolic acid is derived for sugar cane and could therefore be viewed as a natural product its other uses include rust removal and industrial degreasing!

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