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Who should have a glycolic peel
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Who should have a glycolic peel

Who should have glycolic acid peels?

To be honest, the thought of any sort of peel makes me shudder. But glycolic acid peels? Chemically burning layers of skin from my face? Sounds horrendous!

So it was with trepidation that I approached my appointment at the Private Clinic in Harley Street.

My aesthetic/dermatology nurse and practitioner Marie Narsoomamode had advised that on the cusp of 30 years old, I did not really need anything drastic doing to my face – not even anything injected!

A simple and errr, gentle, glycolic acid peel would give my skin all the refresh it required.

The Private Clinic specialize in non-surgical treatments and glycolic acid peels are a popular, repeat choice.

‘Most women need about 3 or 4 acid peels a year’, says Marie, ‘they prepare the skin for follow up treatments and make it more susceptible to the benefits of skincare products.’

However, if you're looking to treat skin problems or need more dramatic results 6-10 peels on 1-2 weekly basis is recommended, and for rejuvenation it will be between 2-4 peels on a 2 weekly basis.

In addition to a general refresh or a more intense skin rejuvination, glycolic acid peels can treat complaints such as acne, keratosis pilaris, melasma/ hyperpigmentation and surface texture in sun-damage skin.

It all sounded positive but nevertheless, I imagined my face blistered, burned and blotchy! After all that’s what usually happens on TV and in the movies, isn’t it?

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