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Anti aging skin care
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Melasma and anti ageing skin care advice


Anti aging skin care advice from the experts
Naturally, a hundred different potentially life threatening scenarios pop into my head when I hear that the "discoloration" on my forehead is a) not my imagination and b) has a real, medical-sounding, name.

Marie Narsoomamode, puts my fears to rest pretty quickly. Melasma is nothing serious.

It's not sinister and does no harm other than ruining my otherwise clear complexion and cosmetically aging my face.

My melasma is the main reason my skin looks older than I am. Even slight skin discoloration can really have an impact on how youthful your skin appears.

My case of melasma is what they term superficial. It hasn't penetrated through many layers of the epidermis (my skin).

On the one hand this means it can be easily and effectively removed by number of skin care treatments offered at the Private Clinic. But on the other hand it's very presence indicates that I should never allow my skin to be in the sun because that will only make it worse.

Fabulous hats and sunscreen are about to become my new best friends.

How is Melasma treated

Melasma is bought on by a number of things but more often than not it's hormonal. I took a high estrogen pill for a while and that's a common cause of melasma.

Topical over the counter treatments on offer are, according to Narsoomamode, not going to cut it.

There are plenty of skin care products on the market that claim to reduce skin discoloration and give an even skin tone but Narsoomamode argues that none of these 'contain enough of the active ingredient to really make a difference'.

Instead she suggested three possible courses of action.
All of these will not only eliminate my melasma but will also resurface my skin giving it a wonderfully even texture and colour as well as removing any fine lines and wrinkles. The extent of the wrinkle removal (and possibly even pore reduction) depends on the option I choose.


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