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What changes would you like to see?


 - What changes would you like to see?
What issues matter most to you when deciding how to cast your vote? © Thinkstock Images
So what changes would you like to see first, and what would you prioritize if you were elected to national office?

Check out a few of these responses from our survey – and then let us know what you think:

NHS reform

Tighten immigration laws

I would put stricter controls on borrowing and credit cards, try to reduce the budget deficit, probably by increasing taxes which wouldn't be popular.

I would try and do something about the student loan system which penalizes those children whose parents aren't rich enough to fund their education nor poor enough to get grants - the current interest on loans also penalizes women who want to have children and are thus out of the workplace and unable to make repayments.

I'd change the electoral system so that we could have a say in the leaders of the parties and the central government rather than just our local areas. Like the American system.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Better funding for Education.

I'd make MPs more accountable to the electorate and prosecutable if they commit fraud with taxpayer money.

Making public transport cheaper to support people to make more sustainable travel choices and massive investment in green power (wind, solar, hydro)
Higher contribution to end world poverty

I'd like to give stay-at-home mothers more status, and possibly more money, to make it a real choice for more women. I'd also like to even up maternity/paternity rights to help to end discrimination towards women in the workplace.

Complete overhaul of justice system, to reflect modern crimes.

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