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The Incredible Cat that Dedicates It's Life to Care for Sick Animals!

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 17, 2015

Find out why this cat has become a web sensation in the last few days. We caution you that, if you are not a cat lover, your attitude towards the species will be changed forever thanks to this kitty!

In the last few hours, Radamenes has become the most famous cat on the Internet. This little angelic creature, dubbed the nurse cat, helps professionals in a veterinary clinic in a city in Poland. Behind the story of this kitty who attends convalescing animals hides a very touching past.

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Radamenes is a small black cat who, when it came into the world, almost didn't make it. Because of a severe lung infection, it was not expected to live long. Yet, to the surprise of all, the cat survived and, in turn, decided to return its good fortune in a very special way: helping other animals in convalescence.

So while it was quietly getting back on its own feet, the kitten began to approach other convalescents to clean them, kiss them, encourage them, and offer them its company. Since then, the small nurse cat, who spends long hours helping others, has become an attraction in the Polish town where it lives, to the point where people go to visit it for good luck!

According to veterinarians, Radamenes is particularly empathetic to animals that have undergone complicated operations. It lacks only a nursing diploma! A nurse laments that people say that cats are cold and detached...

Crazy About Animals!

We at Aufeminin love animals, especially animal nurses ! So, if you like them as much as we do, enjoy this selection of the cutest animals... Of course, Radamenes will take care of them if necessary!

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