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The Gender Pay Gap
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The Gender Pay Gap

We thought we'd start out with something that really speaks volumes - money. It might not be the be all and end all but it certainly counts for something for all of us. 

So let's paint the classic picture: There are two people who do the exact same job, have the exact same skills but one is paid significantly less than the other - you might ask why? It's because that person is a woman. 

Equal pay can be brushed aside as a battle won but turning a deaf ear to this call to action is wrong - there are plenty of figures to prove the pay gap is a significant problem.

Essentially in some top careers, the pay gap translates as women having to effectively work for free from November whilst their male colleagues cash in for the rest of the year. A report on CBC.ca last November stated: "Statistics Canada data states that the gender wage gap continues to see women earning 70 per cent of what men earn on average annually."

We're past the age where women are victimized because of their vagina's right? Apparently not where the accounts are concerned.

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