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A desire to make a difference


 - A desire to make a difference
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In the years leading up to the birth of Medical Aid Films, both Jauniaux and Greenwold, former colleagues, had been tossing around different ideas for a new project.

“Natalie and I met one day and had this grand plan for making medical education more democratic,” said Jauniaux.

An obstetrician and gynecologist with a passion for filmmaking, his original plan was to start a medical documentaries company with Greenwold. Then Laird came back from Darfur, and the whole thing morphed into the charity that has now become their baby.

They hired a CEO, Liam Browne, who is the organization’s only full time employee. Greenwold and Jauniaux, who both still work full time, each dedicate a day a week to Medical Aid Films, officially, anyway.

“In a way, we’re all full time,” Jauniaux said. “We can’t stop thinking about it.”

Over the past few years, other committed volunteers have joined the team, too. Like Anne Prost, an engineer and physicist by training. Prost, 41, learned about Medical Aid Films from Jauniaux, who just happens to be her doctor.

She was so taken by the work they were doing that she signed on, and now dedicates at least two days a week to the project.


Samantha Fields
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