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Robin Lim, the missionary


Robin Lim, the missionary

"I came to Bali to reinvent my life following my sister’s death 20 years ago," confides Ibu Robin Lim who is so-called because Ibu means mother. This 55-year-old mother to 8 children helps thousands of Indonesians give birth in good conditions every day.

Recently awarded the CNN Hero prize, this militant against infant mortality makes every effort to ensure the survival of her clinics by soliciting international aid in order to provide medical care, preparation for childbirth and prenatal care for patients, and because “the poorest people can’t afford medical care". 

 - Robin Lim, the missionary
It was with these touching words that our conversation began one afternoon in January, when Ibu Robin Lim welcomed me in her home, close to the Bumi Sehat clinic, that she opened in Bali in 1995. It’s a clinic that is specially dedicated to families, midwives, doctors, nurses and voluntary workers, and that enables possible health care to be offered to anybody.
Elected Hero of the Year 2011 by the American channel CNN, Robin received her award last December and she made her message loud and clear: “Today on our Earth, 981 mothers in the prime of their life will die, and tomorrow again and yesterday. I'm asking you to help change that."
In Indonesia, the report is bleak. According to the WHO, Indonesia, which has 240 million inhabitants and whose population lives with less than two dollars a day, has the highest level of infant and maternal mortality in south-east Asia. With 28 deaths per 1000 births, the WHO ranks Indonesia in 117th place for infant mortality.

“Often, postpartum hemorrhage is the main cause of death with 49% of maternal deaths essentially caused by malnutrition. The majority of pregnant women feed on low-calorie foods and only eat once or twice a day,” explains Robin.

Read the rest of this interview here: Robin Lim’s crusade against infant mortality


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