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Robin Lim: care for all



 - Robin Lim: care for all
"After the tsunami, I was able to obtain aid from the "Direct Relief International"  organization which provided us with funds to finance our operations for 3 years. Donors from the south-east of Asia financed almost all of the construction of the clinic. Rotary clubs in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore also cooperated for the construction of the clinic in Aceh and they finance the purchasing of equipment and ambulances…

But to be honest with you, we thought about closing a clinic… We had no more funds to pay the staff. At the end of the day, we didn’t close it; one of my Russian friends gave us some money to ensure operations continued for this year. Therefore I’ve been able to fully dedicate myself to caring for my patients with some peace of mind."

Robin explains that Indonesian women prefer to have a midwife during labour and that this female link is very important. “Otherwise, they are afraid,” says Robin. "They are afraid of going to the specialist because he could quite easily advise them to have a Caesarian which they can’t afford. They often don’t even have the means to bring the baby home from the clinic.

Hence the importance of having a midwife because if there’s the slightest complication, the midwife can discuss with the specialist who will listen to her attentively. If the woman needs to consult a specialist but can’t afford it and her family can’t either, we take on the costs. Not only do we finance the operational funds so that our clinics can function but, if necessary, we also pay for one-off consultations. The poor don’t have the means to pay, therefore we intervene”.

She then continues with a touching story about a man whose wife was pregnant with their fifth child. “They lost 4 children during the tsunami; it’s a very sad story that took place in Aceh when the woman was about to give birth to their fifth child..."


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