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Green Revolution in Iran: Meet Generation Neda
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Green Revolution


Green Revolution in Iran: Young women like Neda lead the way
Green Revolution in Iran: Young women like Neda lead the way
Tiena, 22

"By early evening on the day of the election, there were already rumours, that something was terribly wrong. When the so-called winner was announced during the night, nobody had any doubt that the election had been rigged.

I was political before, in some ways, but not as much as we started to be then. Two days after the election my husband and I started going to the protests.

We would meet every afternoon around 5pm and just walk through the streets of "bedune sedah" - without a word - to give the police no reason to interfere.

There were thousands of us. Everything was fine until sunset. Then, when it went dark, police and the "Pasdaran", the paramilitary did not care if you were a man or a woman; they just beat us and launched teargas at us.

To fight the gas, we kept on smoking cigarettes or held burning newspapers to our mouths to make it disappear. On one occasion, I'd gotten so much teargas in my lungs that I passed out.

I could not believe the ordinary people who were opposing the protesters. A group of women in their black "tshadors", black veils, were insulting us for turning against our government and said we had been manipulated by challenger Hossein Moussavi. I replied: 'Do you know why I am here? Because it is my right!'

One night, my husband was stopped by some Pasdaran and searched. They took his backpack - with both our IDs inside! The same night, we left Theran and hid in the countryside. Then we left Iran and our family and friends completely and came to Europe.

Was I afraid? Sure I was. Fear comes naturally, it's only human. But you are able to overcome your biggest fears when, suddenly, everything you believed makes no sense anymore."


Shila Meyer Behjat
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