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Claudia Barilà & One Drop: the fight for access to water
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India, the country of sacred water...


©CBarilà - India, the country of sacred water...
Another element that deeply shocked Claudia in India was the hygiene.
"There's water there. They have a super relationship with water. Paradoxically, with the Ganges, they consider it to be a sacred source and yet they misuse it. And it's this misuse that really shocked me. And yet, we misuse water as well. We're not conscience of it and we see it as if it has no value. It's sad."
Claudia also explains that to tackle the hygiene problems, One Drop has installed toilets in schools. "As soon as young girls start their periods, they stop going to school. And in villages, women have to walk for miles to collect water. They lose time and they no longer go to school because they have to be useful at home. And it's like this in all the underprivileged areas.

In these places, we've also installed energy-efficient ovens which allow smoke to exit via the chimney so it doesn't stay in the house, thereby reducing respiratory illnesses. We've also added rainwater collectors."


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