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The right to wear the Burka?
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Banning the Burka: Harsh reactions


 - Banning the Burka: Harsh reactions
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European Forum of Muslim Women
The European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW) has reacted strongly to the debate. In a letter dated May 2010 to Members of European Parliament, Brussels,  President Noura Jaballah wrote, “EFOMW notes with deep concern, the obsessive debate, the media onslaught and political machinations in regard of the handling of the veil issue … the mass hysteria that has gripped this case reinforces once again the feeling of stigmatization of the Muslim community of Europe... Besides ignoring fundamental freedoms, these legislations are useless and dangerous.”

What about the UK? 
If a ban was enforced, would Muslim women stop wearing it? No, says Elham Kani who does not wear a Burka. She said: “As it proved so far it is very unpractical and it caused nothing but chaos in the French society. I don’t wear one myself but I hold the opinion that it’s the woman’s right, in a democratic country, to wear what she wants."

"I have not seen any ban on miniskirts and I view them as more dangerous on the community as they facilitate some crimes against women, such as sexual harassments and rape but until this point no government has banned them.”

Whatever your opinion on this debate, it's true that the burka is an issue which divides people. Women should be able to choose what they wear but similarly shouldn't the significance of covering the face and body be something multicultural western societies need to understand more, especially before making legislation that can isolate the muslim community?

What do you think about this issue? Why not discuss it in our forums?


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