Born HIV Free: ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV
Real-life stories about the fight against AIDS

Real-life stories about the fight against AIDS

Five years ago, RaeTara BK married a man who went to work in India soon after their wedding. He never came back. After six years, Tara decided to join him in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in the south of India.

She fell pregnant and gave birth to a "beautiful, big and healthy baby boy", she proudly remembers. Her husband then developed a fever. He was taken to the hospital where tests revealed that he was HIV positive. Two days after the death of her husband, Tara returned to Nepal with her one-year-old child.

Soon afterwards, when she was working in the fields, she began to feel weak and tired. She underwent HIV testing and learned she too had contracted the virus. She started to worry about her child but was told that he couldn't be tested before 18 months. She was advised to stop breastfeeding but she had no money to buy milk.

Though she tried for a while, she soon realized that she couldn't keep asking everyone for milk. In despair, she started breastfeeding her baby again. Tragically RaeTara transmitted the virus to him. Her beautiful, big and healthy baby fell ill and died the same year. All that she remembers now are the endless streams of tears she cried.

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