Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro's exiled daughter
Portrait Alina Fernandez Castro
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Portrait Alina Fernandez Castro

Is the status quo in the US’ interest?
Of course, that’s obvious. Cuba has a military and diplomatic presence in countries where the US have non. The embargo provides a media cover for the Cuban government that they have used successfully: the embargo is the Americans' fault, and because of it, Cubans are hungry. It works really well from a promotional standpoint, because there is anti-American sentiment all over the world. Every time a president has tried to deal with the embargo, be it Clinton or Carter in the 80s, the government responded with an exodus. It was a horrible crisis for Carter. No American president has found a solution. One of them placed the embargo and it was a huge political error. Since, Obama, like all Democratic presidents, has sought to compromise with the Cuban government. He managed to soften the embargo by allowing Cuban-Americans to return to Cuba."
So, who benefited from the revolution?
Not the Cubans! The revolution exported an ideology, but it hasn’t done anything for the Cuban people. You can be anti-American and do something for your country, for your economy! Everyone has a right to health and education.”

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