Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro's exiled daughter
Portrait Alina Fernandez Castro
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Portrait Alina Fernandez Castro

What about your brothers and sisters?
I’m not at all in contact with them, and very little with my mother, because she also considers me a traitor. Fidel was a leader who emerged out of opposition to Batista and my mother became an activist during that time; she had social preoccupations, like everyone else, and that’s how they met, shortly before the 1953 guerrilla. She was always against my leaving Cuba. My parents had known for a long time, and that’s why I had to leave. I didn’t create that situation. I ran away to save my daughter and myself from that madness. Because it’s pure madness. These are people who have personality issues, because it’s unthinkable that because someone doesn’t think like you, they are traitors and deserve prison and torture. This still exists. We speak of Islamist fundamentalism but they are much more fundamentalist in Cuba! It’s a horrible extreme.”

We hear a lot about Cuba’s future. What will happen if the government falls?
“The opposition against the Castro regime is unanimous. There will be a transition, but for the time being, all the predictions concerning Cuba are wrong. With the current government, nothing is predictable. I think that Cubans need to stop believing in leaders and instead consider someone who represents and defends our interest, a person we can trust. Leaders can be great, or awful. You can as easily get Gandhi as you could Sekou Toure! In fact, many Latin American presidents have been accused of robbing their people. It’s a lesson we should learn from."

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