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10 Things Women Do Better than Men

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 28, 2015

We're not trying to start a sex war. All the same, there are many things that women do better than men. Science has validated several of the advantages we have over to the male sex.

We're Better at School

Girls are better than boys at school in most countries. It doesn't matter whether gender equality is taken – more or less – for granted. This is the conclusion of an elaborate analysis carried out by a Dutch psychologist at the University of Glasgow. In addition, two studies, conducted at the University of Georgia and Columbia University, have determined that women learn better than men because they tend to be more responsive, flexible, and organized.

We Live Longer

Given the need to ensure the survival of the species, and thanks to hormones, menopause, better food, and many other factors, women generally live between 5 and 10 years longer than men. Did you know that 85% of people over 100 years old are women? It is not a coincidence!

We Are Better at Interviews

A new study from the University of Western Ontario has found that women cope better with stress in a job interview. The researchers found that while women are more stressed before the event, they do better in a one-on-one interview. Why? We prepare more before the big moment.

We Eat Better

A study at the University of Minnesota showed that women eat better than men, even if they never turn down chocolates! Women and girls consume larger amounts of fruits and vegetables than men and boys. There is no simple answer to the question "why do women eat more fruits and vegetables than men?" The social structure related to the traditional role of men and women in society may be an explanation...

We Manage Stress Better

Women think as rationally as men. Of course, our hormones can make us more weepy or more irritable from time to time, but they also allow us to remain calmer in the face of adversity. Young women are less susceptible to stress than men. To explain this difference, psychologists hypothesize that estrogen modulates the stress response. The fact that they communicate their worries more also allows them to better manage their emotions.

We Communicate Better

We always accuse women of talking too much. Well, it's true. Studies show that women speak up to three times more than men in a day. And it's not just talk! They share their more rational and emotional thoughts, more openly and articulately. They have more neurons dedicated to speech. A study by Dr. Luan Brizendine determined that the brain of a woman can process and analyze many more words, feelings, and emotions that the male brain.

We Manage Finances Better

Women are more cautious, more attentive, and more reserved about their finances. Indeed, there have been fewer cases of major financial loss and bankruptcies in women-headed households than in those of men. A Spanish study also reveals that investments made by women are 7% more profitable. This is explained by the fact that women take fewer risks, are more receptive to the views of experts, and learn more from their past mistakes.

We Have Better Memories

Ask a husband and wife what they did over the last few days and, in most cases, the wife will remember better. A study testing the effect of gender on memory revealed that women have a better episodic memory and remember experiences better, in more detail, and with more accuracy than their male counterparts. The memory of women focuses more on relationships and social interactions, explaining a difference associated with the lived experience and associated emotions. These results support the idea that men and women see the world differently.

We Are Better Organized

Everyone knows that women manage their time and organize their schedules and chores much more efficiently than men. Most of the latter would not be able to combine work and family life as women do. Even when a woman is completely disorganized, there is still a method to her madness (except maybe the bottom of her purse!). Among the piles of linen and books scattered on the floor, a woman will find what she is looking for, while disordered men spend at least a few minutes lost in the mess.

We Make Better Bosses

According to experts, we have a better ability to solve problems than men, and are more motivated to work in teams. A study in Australia of 1,800 senior leaders in the country found that women demonstrate more strategic initiative, they have more social skills and capacity to innovate, and are also more emotionally stable than men. If men are better at managing operations and the bottom line, women excel in more areas of endeavour.

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