More jam, less Jerusalem: the new women's social groups
Thanks Carrie

Thanks Carrie

Perhaps it all started back the noughties when Carrie Bradshaw stepped onto our screens with her messages that it was cool to love your friends. And love them even more if they love the shoes you do.

Through Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte we explored different personalities. Girls that perhaps we would have refused entry to our childhood friendship groups suddenly became interesting. We became sympathetic. We were learning from each other.

Indeed for most of the female-friendly meet ups and social groups, most attendees are stepping out of the comfort zones of their long-term friends and going alone. It’s not that we have become bored of our friends but thanks to the internet and social networking online our interests have diversified.

As Erin offers, “More women are pursuing other avenues and we want friends with similar interests. If you are interested in the theatre and your friends don’t want to go, it’s easy to find friends who do like the theatre.”

Of course the noughties ended in recession and overnight it seemed our friendships needed to be more meaningful than just shopping and cocktails. Beyond the hedonistic headlines telling us women have never had it so good, we’ve learned that young women in the UK are suffering from more psychological stress than ever before.

Could it be we were lonely in our Louboutins?

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