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How to handle the boss from hell

Your boss is a NO-HOPER

Your boss is a NO-HOPER

Your boss is a NO-HOPER
Your boss' problem is that he doesn't have the managerial skills to do his job properly. He's there either by a pure or because of his expertise. 9 times out of 10, this kind of boss is a number-crunching geek who likes to analyze everything but hasn't the first idea how to deal with people. He's not the communicative sort and doesn't have many friends. He doesn't always know where he's going and often comes up with crackpot ideas only he believes will work. "Without clear plans and good decisions, his team will soon break down," warns our expert. "Your team will start to doubt his capabilities and watch out for his gaffes. You can end up laughing in his face and he may not even realize. He'll be blind to it all, and will end up flat on his face."    

What does it mean? He's a first-class fool! He never doubts his convictions and automatically assumes he's right about everything. He's learned to manage affairs purely with his brain, and doesn't see how management should be any different. "He has a left hand sided brain that analyses everything without considering the human side: office politics, humour, fun and happiness," says our expert.  

How to handle him "Don't tread on his toes: numbers and reasoning are his forté and he's better equipped than you to deal with them," says our expert. So rather than contradicting him, let him talk and show him you trust him, then suggest other options. Suggestions in the form of questions will let him think or make out the ideas come from him, without imposing your opinions too much. "Don't forget that he's not thick, even if he's clueless. If you suggest something and he catches on, he'll be grateful to you for it."



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Sarah Horrocks
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