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Test: Grace under pressure?

You perform under pressure

You perform under pressure

About you
You like a fairly quiet existence most of the time, but when needs must you know how to come up with the goods when you're under pressure. If you've got an exam coming up, for example, you're much more attentive than usual - it's as if pressure heightens your perception. If you have to speak at a meeting, you might find your heart beats fast and you get clammy palms, but you'll always do a good job.

Your strengths
You're very balanced. You know your strengths and you know how to use them to overcome stressful situations. Once you've accepted a challenge you project yourself onto it and look ahead to making a success of it. 

Your weaknesses
You often get moments of doubt when the pressure starts to mount and you find yourself questioning your ability to do whatever it is you're being asked to do. Such doubts are totally normal but they can sometimes make you lose your composure.

Advice for you
Regulate your emotions using your breathing to calm you down. Why not learn some relaxation techniques? They'd help you confront pressure situations more easily.



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