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Test: Grace under pressure?

You crumble under pressure

You crumble under pressure

About you 
You're not a fan of pressure. If you've an important meeting coming up or if your boss asks you to rattle off something quickly, you get into a real state. You worry so much you can't sleep, you panic about not performing, losing your voice - anything! You'd even consider phoning in sick because you can't cope.

Your strong points
You respect people who like doing ten things at once under pressure, but you know you're suited to a quieter, steadier life. You're naturally adept at avoiding pressure situations. 

Your weak points 
If you'd sooner turn an opportunity down than cope with the pressure that comes with it, you're running away from situtations that you need to sieze and stamp your authority on. Unless you start facing up to pressure, the opportunities life throws at you will pass you by. 

Advice for you
You have lots of imagination, so instead of using it to come up with stretegies for running away from pressure situations, use it to help you cope with them! Imagine you have a body double and tell your double what you should be doing in pressure situations. Then act out what you visualize your double doing. You'll soon gain confidence in your strengths and learn to handle pressure better. 



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