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Test: Grace under pressure?

You have grace under pressure

You have grace under pressure

You're a dynamnic kind of girl and you're a fighter! You love a challenge and a bit of competition: it makes you push yourself harder and go further. You also like pressure because you function well when the adrenaline's running through your veins. It makes you alert, sharpens your imagination and makes you work better. You've always got a smile on your face when you're working under pressure!  

Your strong points
You've got an iron will that no-one can break! You like to be the best, so even in dodgy situations you always come out smelling like a rose. You have incredible inner strength.

Your weak points
You live in the fast lane and you're at risk of burning out and using up all your energy in your drive to succeed. You can also resort to things you shouldn't in order to achieve your ends. Take care not to criticize people who do things differently to you. 

Advice for you
There's nothing you love more than strong emotions, so channel your energy in the right way, in competitions and team sports for example. You have to rely on and work with others, so don't exhaust yourself by trying to take everything on!



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