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 - Second Life: What's it all about?
You've probably heard of Second Life talked about in the same vein as MSN, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook. However, the latest web phenomenon is more than just a social networking site: it allows you to create an alternative existence in a virtual parallel universe

5 million people worldwide are living in the Second Life metaverse. There's a world for everyone, from politicians to fashion designers to businessmen to students to pop stars. Second Life is more than a game (since there are no rules or or objectives): it's a virtual world where real businesses advertise their products, and real transactions take place over land and property, all in Linden dollars. 

What's your stance on Second Life? Is it a haven for geeks and net addicts, or something more disturbing? Another hyped-up web community or a modern-day casino? Tell us what you think.

We also called in a psychoanalyst to talk about the effects of Second Life on society and on our health. What attracts people to living a double life online? And does Second Life enhance your 'first life' or is it detrimental to reality? 



Sarah Horrocks
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