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Quiz: How do your colleagues see you?

Miss Perfect


 - Miss Perfect
Your image
Efficient, punctual and helpful, you don't tend to make waves.You are, in fact,a model employee! You never miss a deadline and always respect your obligations. Your reliability and tact make you a member of staff without tales to tell and who others can put their trust in. You're a gem for your company, one of today's rare treasures about whom it can be said: "She does a really good job".

Your ideal working environment
Because you're often (far) too discreet, it goes without saying that the larger your working environment, the more "invisible" you will be to your superiors. Small companies with less than 50 workers are ideal for you.

Your limits
You're so low profile that you can easily get forgotten about: say goodbye to any promotion or pay increase because you never make any demands. You're also at risk of being left on the sidelines by colleagues who don't confide in you. You're often the last to know about changes within your company and therefore unable to plan ahead.

Our advice
Ask yourself why you always keep quiet: fear of upsetting someone? worried about getting involved emotionally? Stop being so overdramatic! It's not through expressing yourself that the company or its staff are going to ostracize you. Learn the basic rules of workplace survival. Force yourself to say something in meetings so that people can see your efforts and qualities. Benefit from the many compliments that people give you in order to ask for the things that you'd like: pay increase, promotion, etc. And make yourself heard when things aren't as you'd like them to be: no, you're not going to work weekends, apart from once or twice a year perhaps! And you'll only do it if you're getting paid for it! Your boss will probably be a bit surprised at first but if your requests are legitimate, he/she's likely to respect you more than before. And, as a result, when the time comes for promotions, it's more likely that you'll be taken into consideration.



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