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Quiz: How do your colleagues see you?

The entertainer


 - The entertainer
Your image
You're the office entertainer. You always have something to say to take the edge off a serious situation or a funny email to forward to everyone. When it comes to organizing a get-together or collecting money to buy the receptionist a going-away present, you're the first to take the initiative. But you're also a hard worker when it comes to doing your job! Full of energy and enthusiasm, you gather everyone together when there's something that needs to be done quickly. Equally, you don't hold back from making your voice heard in front of the boss if it's for a good cause.

Your ideal working environment
Thanks to you, your company has soul! But the company has to listen to your talents too. Because of this, medium-sized companies are probably your best bet. If you want to express human qualities, it's best to work in human-sized companies.

Your limits
You tend to spread yourself too thin. You want to manage everything at the same time (family life, work problems, colleagues' demands, etc). You could end up leaving your main objectives to one side and getting snowed under in the small print. What's more, your somewhat maternal side and your tendency to grumble can be a bit suffocating. Your boss doesn't quite trust you enough to offer you a managerial position. He/she is worried that you don't make keep your personal and professional life separate enough.

Our advice
Why do you want to manage everything on your own? Leave some room for the others! As for the going-away present for the receptionist, you're not the only one who has to make the effort — anyone can do it! Being a champion of the underdog is laudable but that's what staff reps and trade unions are there for. Inform them of the problems that you and your colleagues are encountering instead of being the spokesperson yourself. Not only will you lose your grouchy image, but you'll also save time and be able to concentrate on your own work (the job you're paid to do, remember?). 



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