London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile
London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile

London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile

The beauty of science 

Whilst we may be obsessed with the end result, the perfect finish and line-free skin, behind the scenes in the beauty industry, the focus is on the ingredients, the science and the technological advances that allow cosmetic doctors and aestheticians to be at the cutting edge of anti-aging.

One of the best routes into the beauty industry is to become medically qualified. Dr. Rita Rakus studied for a medical degree but there is more to the job than medicine and administering botox injections.

"What I like about the cosmetic medical area is that I can combine my three interests; medical science, human phsycology and being artistic."

Those considering a career as a cosmetic doctor having a good understanding of people is just as important as understanding the science and technology you would be working with.

Dr. Rita Rakus says: "Patients are often very nervous so for them to entrust their face to me is a real career buzz, sometimes they say: 'I’m sorry for being so nervous' but I just say to them look, if I was going to a stranger and getting them to stick needles in my face and then having to give them money I would be nervous too!"

So what are the most important things to consider if you are thinking about a career as a cosmetic doctor (apart from the free botox of course)?

Dr. Rita Rakus says it all starts with science and art: "I would say get the best basic scientific background, also you need to love people but you also need to be artistic.

When I was younger I never thought I was artistic but of course there are many ways to being artistic and I just love looking at a face or a body and thinking yes we’ll fix that. Sometimes it’s like using the syringe like a paintbrush."
Dr. Rita Rakus set up the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD), she hosts and attends regular seminars and expositions in the United States: "I try to stay at the edge of technology, but what is surprising is how good the new technology in this industry actually is."

She adds: "Certainly the technology for non-surgical procedures has advanced dramatically in the last 10 years. It's really exciting!"

"I think the demand for plastic surgery has dropped 10-20% and the demand for non-surgical procedures is going through the roof because they're so much easier, they're more preventative and you get a more natural result."

Most of her customers would rather just "be freshened up a bit," than have all traces of age erased.

At her Knightsbridge practice she specializes in everything from innovative radiofrequency treatments, fractionated lasers, to fillers, botox and lip enhancement. 

We asked Dr. Rita Rakus to give us a guide to the latest and greatest radiofrequency treatments that deliver natural results - after all no one wants to look like they've been caught in a wind tunnel!

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