London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile

London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile
London Lip Queen | Dr. Rita Rakus | Career profile

Inspirational woman: Dr Rita Rakus - The London Lip Queen 

Dr. Rita Rakus is an expert in non invasive cosmetic proceedures
Dr. Rita Rakus is an expert in non invasive cosmetic proceedures
Dr Rita Rakus has spent over 20 years specializing in non invasive procedures for the face and body, and with A-list clients from royality to TV presenters and a practice in the heart of Knightsbridge, she feels she has only just reached the peak of her career.

wewomen caught up with her to find out how she has established herself in the cosmetic industry and how she came to be known as the London Lip Queen.

What it's like working as a cosmetic doctor:

Like all good cosmetic doctors, Dr. Rita Rakus is testimony to the products and procedures she performs on her clients.

The skin on her hands and face (the only skin on show) is flawless, plumped up and smooth and her line-free complexion is the result of her own extensive knowledge of non-invasive treatments that produce real results.

After all, it is knowledge that Dr. Rita Rakus has plenty of, especially when it comes to non-invasive cosmetic treatments - she knows all the tricks of the trade and beauty secrets that can turn back the hands of time.

With a blonde cloud of gravity-defying hair and a face that never stops smiling, Dr. Rita Rakus is a big personality.

We met in her Knightsbridge clinic, situated a stone's throw away from the luxury temptations at Harrods. The clinic is in fact a manicured town house, converted into a cozy, traditionally if lavishly furnished home of sorts - with large squidgy sofas, a busy carpet and attentive staff, ever ready with tea and coffee for the thirty or so clients that Dr. Rita Rakus sees daily. 

And it's her range of clients that gives Dr. Rita Rakus the most job satisfaction - and it's not just the Karren Brady's, Amanda Holden's and royalty that she is passionate about.

She says: "We have so many people from different walks of life now that whilst it is all very exciting to get to treat royalty, one of my highlights that I get almost every day is when I have a lady who has travelled on the train for three hours to come and see me." 

"She might have saved up all year to have botox or fillers, and has never been treated before... for these women to trust their faces to me is something really special."

After qualifying as a medical practioner at Sydney University in Australia in 1974, she she trained for 10 years in plastic surgery with Professor John Chilean. But as technology advanced Dr Rita Rakus found herself drawn to the non-invasive treatments, which over the years have become almost as mainstream as a trip to the hairdressers.

Having now worked in the industry for more than 20 years, Dr. Rita Rakus has seen some big changes in how and who is considering treatment.

From Bollywood stars to cleaners, having a treatment to "freshen up" is something that is no longer: "the domain of the rich and famous - everyone is now having something done!"

To build up the reputation to be able to treat those whose faces are perhaps under the most scrutiny - celebrities - takes a talent and a natural ability to understand what her clients want, which more often than not, is to look as though they haven't had any 'work done' at all.

This paradox is what has led her to become known as the London Lip Queen. As she says so herself: "It's all about safety and subtlety."

With clients flying to see her from America and India, because of the subtle results she is able to achieve, Dr. Rita Rakus has harnessed a reputation as one of the most skilful cosmetic doctors in achieving fuller lips without the trout pout, and turning back the clock with subtle skin plumping.

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