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Profile of a Viral Marketing Manager


Internet Jobs  © webguerillas
Internet Jobs © webguerillas

Job Profile: Viral Marketing Manager
Would suit: creative person who can think and act strategically

What does the job of Viral Marketing Manager entail precisely?
I manage so-called viral marketing campaigns from the original idea to its implementation and its documentation at the end. Viral marketing means that social media are used to market an idea or a product. The core message spreads through networks of people like a virus. The Fan Club on Facebook is one of the simplest forms.

Why is it interesting?
The entire process is interesting. It starts with identifying the idea; I always try to find an idea that is worth passing on. That can be very exciting and a great challenge. Because only if the story is really worth telling will the ball start rolling and the campaign become effective.

What is the purpose of a Viral Marketing Manager?
I ensure that the image of a product or company is created and consolidated on the Internet. For me as Viral Marketing Manager, the aim of the campaign planning is to achieve good coverage, catch people’s attention and provide adequate topics for conversation.

What skills do you need for this job?
Be creative, be creative, be creative! The Viral Marketing Manager can and should have wild, off-the-wall ideas, combine them with a good feel for different groups of people and then implement them strategically.

How do you become a Viral Marketing Manager?
Besides a high online affinity, a degree in business management focusing on marketing can be helpful with the organizational and conceptual project work. But in principle, coming across from a different discipline is also possible. The important thing is to have a feel for trends and for the sorts of things different people are interested in.

Tips for people new to the occupation
I recommend suitable holiday reading: There are many exciting books to be found on the topic of “Viral Marketing” or social media in marketing.


Shila Meyer Behjat
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