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Profile of a Word-of-Mouth Manager


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Internet Jobs © webguerillas

Job Profile: Word-of-Mouth Manager
Would suit: trend follower with a feel for "the next big thing"

What does the job of Word-of-Mouth Manager entail precisely?
As the name says, my job is to do with word-of-mouth propaganda. I see to it that we address the appropriate multipliers with respect to a product or service. The intention is that these people will then use their own channels to spread awareness of the product. And I develop the strategy for this: who obtains what information when and how.

Why is it interesting?
As different and interesting as the products/services which are marketed by word-of-mouth are, so are the people involved. I get to know them and keep in direct contact with them. That is good fun. It is especially appealing to observe how my strategy “works out” and how eagerly the participants join in.

What is the purpose of a Word-of-Mouth Manager?
Classic product advertising has not been achieving the desired results for companies for some time now. Instead, many of them now rely on targeted marketing through word-of-mouth. The idea here is that you will purposefully address the people who need to be reached without a great deal of wasted effort. The Word-of-Mouth Manager devises strategies on how these people can develop an emotional and therefore special link to the product or a brand: through recommendations by acquaintances and friends or through a direct, personal approach by the company.

What skills do you need for this job?
The Word-of-Mouth Manager should have an interest in and openness towards new products and people, enjoy communicating and not have any problems working flexible hours. Because the people involved in these projects also test the products in the evening and at weekends and might have questions, comments and suggestions that need answering.

How do you become a Word-of-Mouth Manager?
A degree in business management focusing on marketing provides a good basis.

Tips for people new to the occupation
WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association) offers all sorts of important information to do with word-of-mouth activities and in particular a members list containing numerous contacts and agencies.


Shila Meyer Behjat
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