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Manager for Alternative PR


Internet Jobs © webguerillas
Internet Jobs © webguerillas

Job Profile: Manager for Alternative PR
Would suit: extroverted person with solid writing skills and a feel for issues

What does the job of Manager for Alternative PR entail precisely?
The aim is to find alternative ways and means for advertising and PR, which go beyond classic channels such as advertisements or press releases. I, for instance, don’t approach media controlled by classic editorial offices, but instead address individual bloggers or write comments on issue-related forums.

Why is it interesting?
Anybody who likes engaging with people will be well suited with this job. The constant change between the different forms of communication (e.g. blog, forum or social media such as Facebook) and the direct interaction with the users constitute the core of the work and make the job very varied.

What is the purpose of a Manager for Alternative PR?
Social Media are used increasingly for everyday communication and their use is no longer regarded as a pure pastime. These are precisely the places where companies want to get in touch with their target groups and this requires a change in thinking, turning away from classic, one-sided communication and towards dialogue through alternative PR.

What skills do you need for this job?
A Manager for Alternative PR must be able to convey issues not just over general media, but also at a personal level directly to individual users. Tools that you should be confident in using include targeted comments on blogs, intensive personal twitter contacts and a feel for how to initiate discussion on forums. Besides knowledge about the company, this also requires a confident writing style and a good feel for language as well as a widespread network of contacts to media and multipliers.

How do you become a Manager for alternative PR?
Training or a degree in journalism provide a good basis; you should also have some know-how in the areas of PR and advertising. This expertise can then be adapted and used in modified form in the social media.

Tips for people new to the occupation
Read blogs and gain an overview of the most relevant blogs, become involved by leaving comments there, thereby becoming familiar with the bloggers and their work.


Shila Meyer Behjat
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