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Internet jobs: paid to spend the day on Facebook
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Profile of a Seeding Specialist


Internet Jobs © webguerillas
Internet Jobs © webguerillas

Job: Seeding Specialist
Would suit: keen networker with good observation skills

What does the job of Seeding Specialist entail precisely?
Seeding is used literally in the sense of “sowing” here. In concrete terms, the central job of a Seeding Specialist consists of disseminating an advertising message in social networks. In preparation of this you need to identify websites which are frequented by the intended target group and where they interact. These can be video or image platforms such as YouTube and Flickr, social communities such as Facebook and StudiVZ (German student network), but also blogs, fansites or forums.

Why is it interesting?
First of all, because many large companies are now employing Seeding Specialists. Just over the last few months I have been involved in campaigns for Blackberry, Deutsche Telekom AG, Saturn and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

What skills do you need for this job?
The online world is a never-ending journey of discovery and users respond differently to every impulse – an advertising campaign for instance. That makes the job of a Seeding Specialist varied, but  it also requires a great deal of flexibility and good judgment about the target groups and their requirements. As a Seeding Specialist I need to help my customers develop a strategy and devise an appropriate concept for them, which I can then also underpin with valid arguments.

How do you become a Seeding Specialist?
Online affinity and a good knowledge of the social media channels and their mechanisms are mandatory. As with most of the emerging job types, there is no dedicated training course available to date. This means that you can easily enter the occupation from a variety of educational backgrounds.

Tips for people new to the occupation
Engage intensively with the different online channels such as blogs, forums and social communities and investigate which topics are discussed in what form on which platforms – that will greatly facilitate your work when starting out. And one course of action to be recommended particularly is to develop and maintain your own network of multipliers such as bloggers.


Shila Meyer Behjat
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