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Rosie Lovell - The Deli Queen


Rosie Lovell
Rosie Lovell, owner of the thriving Rosie’s Deli in Brixton and author of recently published cook book Spooning with Rosie, is cooing over her current favourite recipe: “It’s black bean stew with belly pork but that's not a deli dish it’s pure sofa love.”

Rosie opened her deli aged just 23. “I started thinking about it when I was working in a deli in Rotherhithe. Gradually the plans evolved and then I found the shop for sale”, she explains. “It was perfect. I think I started Rosie's because I like people.”

Her day begins at 8am with a trip to Brixton market to stock up on supplies before arriving at the deli to get cracking with day’s preparations.

“We open at 10am so it’s pretty full-on – baking, making coffees and chatting to customers.” The best thing about her ‘job’, she says, is “making about six dishes a day and chatting to people from all walks of life. It’s so varied in the shop - one day a pop star, the next a tramp.”

It’s this busy, friendly vibe that Rosie loves and that inspired the heart of her business: “My family home was a big inspiration. It was all about an open kitchen and everyone being welcome.”

Her eclectic, earthy cooking and cool indie girl persona soon attracted attention from publishers keen for her to put her culinary secrets down on paper. Her first book, a beautiful, coffee-table-worthy tome, was published in the summer.

So how does it feel, being a published author? “It’s a bit like virginity, before you do it, you think you'll be transformed, and then it happens and actually you are just the same. Mostly I don't think about it but then the other day I saw it in the window of Urban Outfitters and I remembered all over again and felt really chuffed.”

What's next? “I'm doing a pop up shop/kitchen in the other bit of Brixton market with my boyfriend Raf Rundell. It’s taking lots of planning as its going to be stacked to the rafters with beautiful art, books, music and food. It's running from the 10th-24th December and I can't wait.” Her advice to other’s looking to embark on a business journey? “Just do it!”

Rosie’s book Spooning with Rosie is published by 4th Estate, £11.99


2000 – Studied History of Art at Edinburgh University
2004 - Started Rosie's Deli Cafe, Brixton Market
2009 - Published Spooning with Rosie
Rosie Lovell, 27


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