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The Dance Guru


‘I’ve never really wanted to do anything else’ explains Tara Linney, a former professional dancer and now the exuberant leader of Funky Dance, a modern dance school revolution in the form of choreographed dance classes. 
Tara trained at the prestigious Urdang Academy in Central London before jetting all over the world to dance for international shows and music videos, as well as being a regular on TV shows like TFI Friday and Top of the Pops.

‘This time of my life was very exciting but of course it can’t last forever’, remembers Tara. ‘I never knew what work I would get next or where it would take me. It was thrilling and I was lucky to see the world.’ 

When it was time to pull the curtain on her professional career, Tara was keen to use her experience to teach and help others, which is when the idea for Funky Dance was born.

Unlike many dance classes which tend to have a surge of interest in the beginning then numbers dwindle as time goes by, Tara’s classes are full-to-bursting thanks to her music video-style choreography, modern tunes from the likes of Madonna and Black Eyed Peas, and the promise of appearing on stage months down the line.

‘My classes work towards a big show so that my ladies and kids can show off what they’ve learned to their friends and family. There’s nothing to beat that thrill of appearing on stage and I should know!’ 
Tara knew she’d always continue to work in dance but had underestimated quite
how rewarding this new teaching phases would become.

‘For some of the ladies who come to my classes it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s changed their lives. They may have lost loads of weight or used the classes to help get over a divorce. It’s become their favourite thing to do so that’s really touching for
Tara says it’s taken her five years to build up her business to a ‘happily busy’ level and, crucially, a level that enables her to balance her passion with her baby, Tiger. ‘I’m happy with things as they are for now’, she explains. ‘It’s great knowing I can take Tiger along to my classes without anyone complaining, because it’s my gig!’ The future, though, could be filled with dedicated Funky Dance outlets, if the popularity of Tara’s dance revolution continues to grow. ‘I just want to take the enjoyment of Funky Dance to as many new people as I can and I feel very lucky that I can call this a job.’ 
1988-1991 – Studied dance at London’s Urdang Academy
1991 –  2004 – Professional dancer
2005 – Started Funky Dance at venues across North London


Alison Taylor
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