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30 ways to make life happier at work
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How to chill out at work: stress busting tips


Learn to free your mind, let, go, take deep breaths and chill! We often spend our days running around like headless chickens and don't take one minute to step back, think and take stock. So make time for little breaks: as long as they're not too long, they're good for your professional health! 
25. "I have to take breaks otherwise I become completely dysfunctional. I always have a proper lunch hour and leave my desk, either to eat out or take a ten-minute walk in the fresh air, then eat my lunch in a meeting room. I never eat lunch at my desk, out of principle!"
Isabel, 44, human resources manager

26. "There's nothing worse than getting hot and bothered at work and not feeling fresh, so I always have an emergency beauty kit with me. I have my bag of deo wipes, perfume samples, blusher, powder and gloss with me at all times so I can freshen up before a meeting or whenever I'm not feeling at my best."
Laura, 31, designer
27. "A hot drink in my special mug works wonders any time! Organic herbal tea is my favourite."
Cara, 26, advertising trainee

28. "Use essential lavender, lemon, orange or mandarin oils in a diffuser for an instant calming effect throughout the day. if you've got an important meeting with your boss or if you're narked with a worklate, dab a drop of te de laurier noble ou de romarin verbenone on the inside of your wrist, rub your wrists together and take deep breaths!"
Danièle Festy, author and pharmacist

"I keep a blog about my workmates: making up stories about them helps me cope. And no, you can't have the link!"
Diana, 30, teacher

30. "I have a huge crush on the advertising guy who works on the third floor. I make sure I take a break every day and walk past his office to see if his door's open..."
Sara, 24, project manager


Sarah Horrocks
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