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30 ways to make life happier at work
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Create a pleasant workspace and office


There are 16 waking hours in a day and we spend half of them at work, so we may as well be comfortable there! Each to their own way of making the office feel like home...
6. "I regularly treat myself to cute stationary, notepads, pens and diaries (and I stock up when the sales are on!). Working with pretty things makes such a difference!" Sophie, 29, press officer

7. "My office is in a hangar with no windows - it's like a shed. I used to get so hacked off with the lack of natural light that my friends clubbed together and bought me a light therapy lamp for my birthday. It's made a real difference to my mood and I'm sure I work better!"
Isla, 27, assistant marketing manager

8. "Get an ivy, aloe vera or fig plant (Brown Turkey or ficus fig) for your desk. The leaves of these plants absorb pollution and the micro-organisms in the soil transform it into food for the plants. Plants also produce vapour which makes the air less dry and so better for your skin, eyes and hair."
Anne Dufour, author 

9. "I recived a free wrist rest with an order I placed online and took it into the office. It sits in front of your mouse for you to rest your wrist on, and it relieves tension all along your arm, up to your shoulder."
 Muriel, 43, secretary

10. "I need to be on my own to be able to concentrate, but the office is open plan. To get a bit of privacy I brought big framed photos in and set them up all around my desk. Thankfully, my workmates think I'm a real 'family' person rather than just anti-social!"
Valerie, 36, graphic designer 

11. "I always keep presents and bits and pieces my kids make or give me, like my lucky 'mouse' mouse my daughter bought for me. It's not the most practical thing in the world but it's sweet!"
Hannah, 32, stylist

12. "I have a really beautiful, really expensive scented candle that I sometimes light to make myself feel better when I have to stay late in the evening."
Sandra, 33, recruitment specialist


Sarah Horrocks
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