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How to get published- secrets revealed
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How to get published- secrets revealed


Writing a best seller isn't easy © Hemera

How to get published with Mindy Gibbons-Klein

What is the first step when it comes to writing a book? 
Decide what you want the book to achieve, what are it’s ‘outcomes’?

In your opinion what is the best source of inspiration when it comes to writing a book? 
Your own experiences, especially the things which stir up strong emotions for you.

What is the easiest way to organize your ideas? 
Get your main theme or message sorted out first of all. That way you can include those ideas that support the core message and then discard the others (or file them away for future books).

How many drafts should you expect to do before your book is at a publishable standard?
At the Book Midwife course, authors write three drafts in 90 days, then the book is professionally copy edited and proofread. There should be no need to go over and over it. Usually people do that because of their own self-doubt, i.e. they don’t trust their ideas or their writing skills.

Do you have to finish writing a book before you send it to publishers or can you send a taster as an initial pitch? 
Most traditional publishers will look at a synopsis or a proposal and a few sample chapters just to see your writing style. Cooperative publishers will usually accept the book once it has been completed.

What are the first steps you need to take in order to get published? 
You have to understand the three main options available. Most people just know about traditional publishing but that takes on average 15 months to see the book in print. Self publishing has become very popular but that has its drawbacks too. Readers of wewomen.ca can request a free copy of an Ebook which explains your options.  Email for a copy: emma@bookmidwife.com 

What things should you be careful about if a publisher is interested in your novel?
It’s important that you look at the terms you are being offered  . Most new authors do not receive an advance on their royalties and royalties can be as low as 1-5% of net sales  - that equates to about 10 pence per book! 

Is it realistic to be able to live off sales from a published title?
Not really. It is very rare (especially at 10pence per book!). Authors who self-publish or use cooperative publishers can make £1-£5 per book but you would still need to a lot every year to live off that income. Most professional authors use their books as a tool to get more business and sell other products

How do you make money from writing a book? 
You can use the book as a tool to impress people, who may want to hire you. You can package it with other products and services you offer, and you can certainly sell books too – you just need a good promotional strategy.

What is the best single piece of advice you would give to aspiring novelists and writers? 
Think about writing non-fiction instead of a novel. I know a novel is exciting and creative and you can use your imagination but think how many other works of fiction you will be competing with.

Produce a book based on your experience and expertise and people will buy it because they are looking for an education, inspiration and answers to questions. Oh and do write the novel for fulfillment too – if it does make you money that’s a bonus!


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