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Overrun at work? 8 ways to get organized
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Organising your diary and work timetable


Does your diary look like a never-ending list of meetings, doodles, trivia and scrawled reminders like Remember Becky's birthday and Must call Jake?

Do you ever get even a quarter of what you put in your diary done? Get it sorted! Your diary is there to remind you of the important things. 
Only tasks with a fixed deadline should go in your diary. All those well-meaning reminders and resolutions can go on scrap paper or in a notebook.

"If you manage to find time to do everything you scribble down, fantastic," says our expert. "But if you don't, don't beat yourself up about it, because the really important things in your diary will definitely get done."  

Make sure you note down all your little brainwaves and bright ideas - you don't want to forget Eureka moments - but pop them in your notebook. You can still write ideas and minor niggles to sort out in your notebook on a regular basis.  

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Sarah Horrocks
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