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8 ways to boost your self-confidence
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Learn to approach other people


If you're waiting to build up more self-confidence before approaching others, think again! It's a vicious circle: the more alone you are, the less confidence you'll have in yourself. "People who are at ease around others aren't necessarily more intelligent or more cultured than anyone else...They just come across as being more pleasant because they dare to establish contact and approach other people", explains our expert.

What to do: The simplest way of approaching people when you're shy is to offer your help (to your neighbour who's struggling to carry her shopping, to your colleague who's snowed under with a project, to the tourist who's unable to make head nor tail of their map, etc etc). It's a simple, effective strategy: you don't need to do anything OTT to attract attention, and you'll instantly seem more friendly to others. Most importantly, try to look people straight in the eye when you're talking to them to engage with them in an honest, confident way. 

Extra tip: At least three times a day, approach someone you don't know in the street or in a queue and ask them the time, directions, etc. This is a simple way of boosting your confidence around other people on a daily basis.


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