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8 ways to boost your self-confidence
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Acquire new skills


Being confident "isn't about succeeding at everything and knowing what to do in any situation" notes Isabelle Filliozat. It's more to do with "thinking that you're capable of doing or learning to do something you want or need" . Bascially, it's not a question of being capable or not, but of convincing yourself that you can become capable and give yourself the means necessary.

What to do: "If I don't know how to do it, I can learn". Memorize this motto to stop yourself from thinking that you're rubbish at everything! To develop your skills, Isabelle Filliozat recommends the "act like you know how to" technique: tackle situations that are holding you back and act like you know how to handle them.

> For example: the guy you've had your eye on all evening asks you to dance, but dancing isn't exactly your strong point so you decline, wishing you'd bothered to go to classes. The right attitude would be to act like you know how to dance. Join in, watch what the others are doing and learn. The same goes at work: if you're a bundle of nerves because you've been asked to use Excel, pull up a chair next to the office spreadsheet pro, study what she does and copy her. If she can do it, then so can you!

Extra tip: Don't be afraid of getting things wrong. We learn by making mistakes! 


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