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8 ways to boost your self-confidence
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Be aware of your qualities


"Our self-esteem needs to be stimulated and reinforced constantly", notes our expert. We need to be aware of our good qualities to do this. Yes, we all have them, however much we convince ourselves otherwise...

What to do: "Just jot them down on paper", our expert suggests. List your top 20 qualities (20 is not too many!). Include emotional, intellectual, interpersonal and physical qualities. If necessary, ask a close friend's opinion (listening to compliments is great for the ego too!). For example, ask your friend to list the three qualities she likes best about you as a friend.  

Tip: Done your list? Next to each quality, write down what it has enabled you to achieve.

For example: I'm hardworking = I worked for six months in a greasy spoon to pay for my holiday.

I'm chatty = I'm always striking up conversations and meeting new people

This is a way of proving your qualities to yourself. Keep the list somewhere safe so you can dig it out and reread it whenever you like.


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Article Plan How to boost self confidence
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