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8 ways to boost your self-confidence
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Learn to breathe properly


Breathing is a great way of increasing your level of confidence. Why? Because taking deep breaths automatically releases all the tension in your body. You're forced to refocus on yourself as you put distance between you and the outside world. "The more aware you are of your breathing, the more control you have of your life," says expert Isabelle Filliozat.

What to do: Take a little "breathing break" several times a day! Focus on your pelvis for the best breathing method. Either sitting or standing, with one hand behind your back, breathe in so that your lower stomach rises. Think of it as a balloon being inflated. You should feel that you're breathing into your whole body, right to your fingertips. Every time you breathe out, let the tension out. Just 3 minutes of deep breathing two or three times a day is enough to relax and is better than coffee or cigarette breaks, which only put you on edge.

Extra tip: Learn to listen to what's going on inside while you're breathing. Ask your inner self: "How do I feel?". If you feel positive, actually taking note of it will make you feel good! If you're not feeling positive, ask yourself why and find ways to get out of your frame of mind rather than enduring it. 


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