Crying at work: Is it career suicide?

Crying at work
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Crying at work

Crying at work

Crying at work – we’ve all done it. Whether it's secret tears in the toilet or weeping in front of everyone in an open plan office.

Sometimes we just can’t stop our emotions getting the better of us when things go wrong or something upsetting happens.

It used to be that shedding a tear in the office was considered career suicide, but attitudes to crying in the workplace have shifted in recent years.

What was once seen as an indication of weakness is now considered in some circles as a positive, relationship-building outpouring of emotion that fosters teamwork.

Although you no longer need to be absolutely mortified by a public office crying session, it’s important that you handle your emotional outpouring and the aftermath with great care.

We spoke to behavioural change specialist Seven Suphi and business psychologist Voula Greenfield, who talked us through what to do if you end up having to reach for the tissues while at work.

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