Careers advice: Expert careers advice
Careers advice: Advice from the careers experts

Careers advice: Advice from the careers experts

Creative careers expert Katharine Sise, and founder of the Katharine Sise jewellery line, shares the secrets to getting a promotion.

This checklist from Katharine's book Creative Girl (£6.17, Amazon), should ensure you bag that dream promotion.

Get a promotion (by Katharine Sise)

Give your attitude a make over
"To succeed, you must value the company’s needs along with your own. Ask yourself: how will I contribute to this company so that it operates at its smoothest, so that it grows and achieves great things? The more loyal you are, the more “big picture” thinking you do, the more your company values you."

Get to know your boss
"It’s important to have a relationship with your boss even if she’s in charge of sixty employees. Keep her updated on the work you’re doing. You can send a weekly email with updates on the work you’ve completed or the status of your projects."

Know your industry and your company
"Stay up to date on the innovations and newsworthy items in your field so that you’re informed enough to participate in work dialogue and offer intelligent input.

Research your company and find out what other people have to say about it; sometimes, that’s the easiest way to find out about your company’s shortcomings.

When you consider your company’s shortcomings, you’re on your way to becoming a big-picture thinker who solves problems."

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