Can you get away with saying anything at work?
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I'm looking for another job
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I'm looking for another job

Why talk?

It’s playing on your mind not telling the people who you with and are close to. It could always make your boss see that you are an asset that the company cannot afford to lose and therefore not take for granted, but it could go drastically wrong.

Why is it risky?

Because by talking of your potential departure you show your disinterest in the company and its issues, and your probable lack of involvement in the future.

How do you do it?

A key word in this case, or rather three: shut your mouth!

Talk about the weather, the financial crisis or the oil spill, but not a word about your plans to leave before finding work elsewhere- this is essential.

Imagine what would happen if no opportunity presents itself to you ... you will lose credibility when you hoped to earn loyalty. Note that it is almost impossible to recreate strong bonds and regain the trust of your team if you decide to stay after having raised the possibility of leaving.

If you are moving on to pastures new, then tell your team in good time and make things as easy as possible when it comes to handing over.

The last impression left in an office is almost as important as the first: make sure you handle it graciously.

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