Can you get away with saying anything at work?
My intern is incompetent!
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My intern is incompetent!

Why talk?

You took an intern to make things easier, and you ended up with three times more work, having to explain, monitor, and catch someone’s mistakes. It has backfired and you need some advice.
Why is it risky?

It’s not that risky, but you’d rather not go there. She is young after all and nice... and maybe you were a bit too demanding. Nevertheless, you can’t continue to waste time.

How do you do it?

The situation is even more difficult because the age difference between you and your intern may be small. Keep in mind that:

This is neither the first nor the last time you'll face discrepancies between hierarchy and age (a younger manager, ending up with a boss who could be your daughter ...) it is something to face up to.

First and foremost it is your responsibility to manage the situation.

First step: question yourself. Are the tasks you set clear? Were you clear about your expectations? Ultimately your intern is there to learn from you and you alone. Then, after thinking about it alone, you talk with her, asking her opinion on each point and see where you both can go from there, professionally.

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