Can you get away with saying anything at work?
Your affair with the Big Boss
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Your affair with the Big Boss

Why talk?

Because he’s all you can think about!

On a serious note, keeping a legitimate relationship with the boss a secret makes it look sordid. We’re in love and want to tell people about it, you can’t help who you fall for.

Why is it risky?

Like the saying goes, “never mix work and pleasure.”

Actually 40% of couples meet at work so it’s nothing original. By announcing your relationship you can’t avoid arousing interest and quickly become the latest hot topic of office gossip.

More importantly, you may undermine your professional credibility in case of mismanagement of this situation.

How do you do it?

There is enough time to see how serious things are, work doesn’t dictate your private life and so there is no need to say anything if it is not serious.

Once you are established as a couple there is a fine line between keeping your relationship a state secret and giving in to idle gossiping.

Avoid the official announcement (in the presence of HR and video conferencing from the States) which will give it unnecessary solemnity to your relationship.

Start by making a few references to it in your circle of closest colleagues (geographically and humanly), which are sufficiently clear to leave no room for speculation or gossip, but enough to show your boundaries between life and privacy.

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