Can you get away with saying anything at work?
Finally got that promotion
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Finally got that promotion

Why talk?

You’ve finally got the promotion that you’ve been dreaming about and since you, Cathy, John, and your other colleagues have become good friends you want to share the good news with them!

Why is it risky?

Because it’s just one of those situations where whilst Cathy, John and the others will be really happy for you, the news may bring out their jealous side ... especially as Cathy has been negotiating her raise for months. Careers can be a highly competitive and bitter topic.

How do you do it?

Assess the situation. You don’t want to be a show-off or rub people up the wrong way, success can cause varied reactions from your colleagues, just be a bit tactful around the subject at work.

Be aware of the corporate culture and its relationship with money. Maybe don’t go into too much detail of your new sexy salary but its ok to share, after all of your hard work you’ve deserved it!

If people can’t see beyond their own ambition and congratulate you then that’s their loss. Anyway maybe remind people you tell of your new responsibilities to legitimize yourself in the eyes of others. But don’t preach or brag.


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