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Glossary, terms, vocabulary, blog

Glossary, terms, vocabulary, blog

A bit of quick vocab that's eay to absorb and will make newbies feel less amateur!  

Blog: a contraction of the words web and log.  

Blogosphere: The universe of blogs. You can also talk about cooking, fashion, music and gay blogospheres to refer to blogs on a certain theme.  

Blogger: You guessed it: the author of a blog.  

Bloglist: A list of links to other blogs.

Comments: Comments to the author's posts from visitors.  

Post: Usually a short piece of text, with photos, music or videos, posted by the author. Note that posts appear in reverse order: the latest appears first at the top of the page.    

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
: A system which lets bloggers display a feed of information from other blogs - with the author's permission, of course!        

An nasty piece of work who gets their kicks from arguing and being vile to others on blogs and forums.


Sarah Horrocks
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