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Internet dating, meet your soul mate on the web

Internet dating, meet your soul mate on the web

We've got online dating, online ads, speed-dating, marriage sites and the rest...and blogs can also play a part on meeting Mr Right online. You can surf someone's blog without their knowledge, find out all about them, their relationships, daily lives, look at their photos and get all the goss before you meet them! Singles can find out quicker whether they're going to get on with someone by checking out their blog. Leave a casual comment or some advice, and hey presto! You've made the first move and you're in contact. The next step is arranging to meet up in person...

But it's not all about finding love. You can make great friends through blogs, whether you're crazy about shoes or politics. You swap addresses, help each other solve problems, chat and network. It's like forming your own little community. Some bloggers even meet in person and become close pals. Bloging is a really good way of making friends if you move abroad, to a new town or spend time in hospital.


Sarah Horrocks
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