Inspirational Woman - Charlie Hedges - radio DJ
Job description: Radio presenter

Job description: Radio presenter

Becoming a radio DJ - the day to day life of a radio DJ

So what is a day in the life of a radio DJ or presenter really like?
Dangerous. Exciting. Nerve wracking and a lot of fun. Being part of a live radio show means having to stay sharp – which can be hard when you’re surviving on 5 hours sleep a night.

Charlie Hedges, one third of the KISS Breakfast team, says: “You have to be on the ball 24/7 and that makes me nervous – I like the danger.”
Charlie talked us through her average glamour packed day at KISS.

Mornings start at 4am when Charlie will wake up and somehow manage to appear at the KISS Studios 50 minutes later, arriving at ten to five each day.
The first thing Charlie does is go through all the daily newspapers and note any stories of interest that the team can talk about.
“I also gather personal information about what has happened to me in my life, so we can talk about that in the show,” she says.

As a radio presenter you have to be willing to share a lot of yourself with the public. Your personality is there to share with millions of listeners – something which others might find terrifying.
Not Charlie. Her sparkling charisma is impossible to suppress, so it’s no surprise her favourite part of the job is being able to talk to people.
It just so happens that some of those “people” are “massive stars” to use Charlie’s own words.

She says: “We get so many celebrities in to interview.” Including the “amazing Bruno Mars”, Christina Aguilera (who is “really nice”) and the infamous Justin Timberlake who seemed to have left quite an impression: “Oh my God, so fit!” 
Most interviews with celebs are recorded live during the show, adding yet more nerve wracking, excitement to the average day’s work.
Hosting the show involves linking to different competitions, news and weather as well as choosing the music, taking calls from listeners and generally waking the nation up with the feel good banter that KISS is all about.
After show hours are spent organizing new material for the show, discovering new artists and doing other typical radio presenter activities – like DJing "and chilling out with friends."

Well what did you expect? Despite the hours, Radio presenting is a dream job for a reason!

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